Refer a Friend Bonus

Invite A Friend to join you with your DafaPoker experience and both of you can share a cash reward of over $160! Invite more friends and get more cash!

This is what your friend can get

Your friend can get the following prizes once they were able to successfully register and earn 125 Gold Coins:

How to earn Gold Coins, click here

Your Friend's Total Accumulated
Gold Coin
125 Gold Coins $88 Bonus dollars
Friday Lucky Raffle token
DafaPoker Merchandise

In order to receive the cash rewards, a request must be sent to DafaPoker's Customer Support.


Great news for you! DafaPoker is increasing the bonus you can get for every successful friend referrals you make! Refer to the table below for the details:

Number of Friend Referred Rewards
1 Friend $ 15
2 friends $ 35
3 friends $ 75
4th friend and above  $15 per referred friend

You will be eligible for the bonus if the referred friend qualified under the following conditions:

  1. Signs Up within 60 days.
  2. Makes First Deposit.

To claim your bonus, all you have to do is contact Customer Support and request for your cash.


When your friends make their first deposit, they'll also be eligible for DafaPoker's 200% First Deposit Bonus, where we'll match their first deposit for up to €1500. Players can also use their Gold Coins in the DafaPoker VIP Shop to get cash rewards, iPhones, iPods, DafaPoker merchandise and tournament tokens.

How to invite your friends to join you at DafaPoker:
Follow these steps to refer friends

Log in to DafaPoker

Click on the Cashier button in the game lobby

Click on "Invite a Friend" tab


  1. All players will be eligible to join this promotion except those under special affiliates.
  2. In order for the referrer to be eligible for the bonus, the referred friend must successfully sign up and make a first deposit.
  3. For the bonus rewards of the referrer, referrer must declare all his referral all in one email request.
  4. For every single bonus request, referrer would only get $15.
    For example:
    i. If the referrer requested for bonus for two players (with requirements met), player will get $35. If in case the player referred another friend (with complete requirements) in the next following days, referrer is eligible to get $15.
    ii. If in case the referrer, declared one referral with complete requirements today, he’ll get $15. Then he’ll declare another one tomorrow with complete requirements, he’ll get another $15.
    Note: referrer must make it to a point to declare all his referral in one email so that he can get as much as $75.
  5. Redemption rate for the $88 Bonus is 425 Status Points = $5.
  6. Referred players are subject to duplicate check. If referred friends were found to be duplicate accounts, the referrer will not be eligible to receive the cash bonus and the referred friend will not get the bonus even if he met the rake requirement.
  7. DafaPoker reserves the right to change the details or stop the promotion at any time
  8. All decision made by DafaPoker are final.