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Online Poker FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Create an Account

How to create an account in DafaPoker?

There are two ways on creating an account. You can register through the client or website.

  • Client Registration
    Download, install, and run the client software. Click here to find out the details.
  • Web Registration
    You can create an account on our website by clicking the "Register Now" button. Fill in your complete and valid personal information in registering. Once you're done creating an account, you can now start using your downloaded client.

Please also be reminded that only one household can register one real DafaPoker account.

Can I use Chinese characters for my personal information when I create a new account?

Yes, except the "USERNAME" and "NICKNAME" field.

What should I do if I chose the wrong currency when creating a new account?

Please contact our Customer Support via email or online chat for assistance.

How can I get a valid Coupon Code?

You can get a Coupon Code only from your affiliate. If you are under an affiliate, you need to fill up the Coupon Code when creating an account so that you will be entitled to the benefits provided by your affiliate.

I forgot to input the Coupon Code. Can I register a new account again?

DafaPoker's policy states that only one account per household is allowed. We strongly recommend you not to miss any information when creating an account.

Why can't I access the DafaPoker website?

Our website may sometimes be blocked in some countries or regions. Please contact our Customer Support for assistance.

Which currencies are accepted in Dafa Poker?

CNY: Chinese Yuan
USD: United States Dollar
EUR: Euro
GBP: Great Britain Pound
MYR: Malaysian Ringgit
SGD: Singapore Dollar
THB: Thai Baht
RUB: Russian Ruble
PLN: Polish Zloty

How old do I have to be to play for Real Money?

Players for Real Money mode must be at least 18 years of age while Fun Mode players do not have age limitations.


Why do some tournaments require a password to register? How can I get the password?

Tournaments that require a password to register are organized by our affiliates for their players. If your affiliate has organized a tournament and you wish to participate, please contact your affiliate directly for the password.

Abbreviations frequently used in tournament

GP : Guaranteed Prize
GP FR : Guaranteed Prize Free Roll
PLO GP : Pot Limit Omaha Guaranteed Prize
MTQ : Multi Table Qualifier

How can I check my game history?

In the client, you may find your game history at "My Account" page.

  1. Click "My Account".
  2. Click "Cash Table History" or "Tournament History" to find the tournament you played.
  3. Input the start time and end time of the game (duration not exceeding 30 days) or table name.


How can I change my nickname?

Please choose three nicknames and send them through online chat or email to support@dafapoker.com. Upon validation of your account, your nickname will be changed. Please be advised that changing of nickname is allowed only once.

How can I change my password?

Please contact our Customer Support through email or online chat. Upon validation of your account, we will send a new password created by the system to your registered email address. The new password is an initial login password and the system will ask you to input your own login password when you logged in. The password given by the system will not be disclosed to anyone.

How can I change my personal information?

Please contact our Customer Support through email or online chat. Upon validation of your account, we will update your registered information.

NOTE: Change password/personal information – in case there is still a balance in account.

For your safety, if you still have remaining balance in your account, you will be required to provide a scanned copy of your valid ID (front and back, i.e. driver's license, passport etc). Once your ID was validated, your new password will be issued to your registered email or your personal information will be updated as per your request.

ID validation procedure:

  1. Send your scan copied valid ID (front and back, i.e. driver's license, passport etc) to support@dafapoker.com
  2. Your document will be forwarded to the relevant department for validation.
  3. Once validated, your new password will be issued or your personal information will be updated.

I tried to login many times but I still receive the error message, "Wrong username/password".

If you had several failed log in attempts, due to CAPS lock and unnecessary spaces in username or password field, the system temporarily locks your account. Please note that the system allows you to input your password only three times, and if you failed on the third attempt your account will be automatically locked for 30 minutes.

I cannot log in to the Client or Cashier. What should I do?

There may be several problems. You can try the following solutions first to solve the problem:

  • Close the Fire Wall and anti-virus software.
  • Delete the IE cookies and history, and then restart the computer.
  • If you still cannot log in, we suggest you to re-install the DafaPoker client.

How can I re-buy play money?

Open the "My Account" in poker client and click "Re-buy Play Money". Every re-set will automatically add play money up to 1,000. NOTE:

  • If the total amount of play money is over 1000, you cannot re-buy.
  • Please exit the game first. You cannot re-buy play money while you are playing the game.
  • Maximum amount of play money is 500,000.

I am having problems connecting to DafaPoker, what can I do to resolve this?

To resolve connectivity issues, contact Customer Support via email or online chat for assistance.

Deposit and Withdrawal

What deposit methods do you accept?

We accept Wire Transfer, Neteller and MoneyBookers. However, it will depend on your currency and location. Choose your desired payment method in the "Cashier" section in the client based on the currency you're using and your location. Please click here for further details.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

Each payment method may have different deposit limit. Minimum and maximum deposit will be determined by the system and will be displayed on the banking page. For further info, please contact our Customer Support or access our live chat now.

What currencies do you accept?

CNY: Chinese Yuan
USD: United States Dollar
EUR: Euro
GBP: Great Britain Pound
MYR: Malaysian Ringgit
SGD: Singapore Dollar
THB: Thai Baht
TWD: Taiwan Dollar

How do I make a deposit to my account?

Before making a deposit, the DafaPoker software must be downloaded first. If you need the complete step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing DafaPoker, please refer to our "Getting Started" section. You will also need to open your real m oney account. After receiving your real money username and password, you are then ready to make a deposit into your DafaPoker account.

  • Start the DafaPoker program and select the "Real Money Mode" option.
  • Enter your real username and password in the log in window.
  • Select "Cashier" from the bottom-left hand corner of the lobby followed by clicking the "Deposit" button.
  • Select your desired deposit/payment method.

This is only for the first withdrawal. You don't have to provide your bank info on the second withdrawal and in succeeding withdrawals unless you would like to change your bank.Withdrawals will be processed within 1 to 2 official days (Saturdays and Sundays are not included). Higher VIP level players can receive their withdrawals within 12 hours.

How long does it take to process my deposit?

Deposits by debit card and E-wallet such as NETELLER, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, etc. will be credited immediately. For Wire Transfer deposits, it usually takes 2 business days to arrive in our bank. As soon as our bank receives the transfer, your account will be immediately credited. Please click here for further details about the processing time of our available payment methods.

How can I make a withdrawal?

Your withdrawal method should be the same as your chosen deposit method. For example, if you make a deposit via Neteller, you will have to withdrawal using the same payment method.

In using Wire Transfer to withdraw, you need to input your bank account information. No handling fee will be charged for Wire Transfer withdrawal.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

Each payment method may have different withdrawal limit. Minimum and maximum withdrawal will be determined by the system and will be displayed on the banking page. For further info, please contact our Customer Support or access our live chat now.

What is the "Pending Withdrawals" screen?

Once a withdrawal is made, your request is pending to be processed by our financial department. You can view all your Withdrawal requests waiting to be processed at the Pending Withdrawals screen in the Cashier Section of the Casino software. Generally, no withdrawal request will be processed before 2 business days of making the request so that you can cancel your withdrawal requests while the transaction has not been processed yet, and return the amount back to your account for you to continue playing. After 48 hours, please contact our Customer Support since you cannot cancel withdrawal requests anymore.

Why is my MoneyBookers deposits/withdrawals being denied?

Your deposits/withdrawals with MoneyBookers might be denied due to the reason that your MoneyBookers email (account) is not the same as your registered email address with DafaPoker. Please contact DafaPoker Customer Support before depositing if your registered email address is different to prevent future withdrawals being denied.

What are the wallets and how can I transfer funds to my Dafa accounts?

Each Dafa Product has its corresponding Wallet where you can deposit/withdraw your funds. On the Deposit and Withdrawal pages, click the "Deposit to/Withdraw from" drop-down list, and choose the Product where you would like to transfer your funds. For example, if you want to deposit to your SpeedBet account, choose Speed Bet from the Product list. Once you have already deposited, it will automatically be reflected on your Wallet, under the 'Your Balances' section on the left side.

The list below shows the product and its corresponding wallet name:

Product Wallet Name
Sports Sports
Casino Casino
Poker Poker
Games Asian Games
Speed Bet Games

How can I follow up financial transaction operations?

The Cashier's "Transaction History" section stores a complete history of all your financial actions such as withdrawals and deposit requests.

Status Points,Gold Coins, Bonus and VIP

What are Status Points?

Status Points are used to determine your VIP level.

How can I earn Status Points?

As you play in real money poker tables or buy-in in real money poker tournaments, you are awarded with a certain amount of Status Points. The amount of Status Points would depend on how much you contributed to the pot (cash tables) or the value of the fee (tournaments).

What are Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are DafaPoker's very own unique poker points that can be used buy cash rewards and take part in tournaments that require registration.

How can I earn DafaPoker Gold Coins?

Everytime you earn Status Points, you also earn Gold Coins by multiplying your Status Points by your Gold Coins Multiplier. The value of your Gold Coins Multiplier depends on your VIP level. For more information, you can go to our VIP club page.

Why can't I see my bonus in my account? How can I get a poker bonus?

A poker bonus will be released to your account automatically once you have earned Status Points. USD5 bonus dollars will be issued per 425 Status Points earned.

Where can I find my pending bonus(es)?

Click "My Account" in poker client, and then you can see your pending bonus(es). If there are more than one pending bonuses, they will be released in chronological order, which means that you have to release the former bonus first before you can release the next one. The accumulated Status Points cannot release any bonus if you do not have a pending bonus. The Status Points that you have accumulated before you got the pending bonus cannot release any bonus either.

How can I upgrade my VIP level?

All Real Money players start as Iron Dragon VIP level. Your VIP level will be updated everyday based on the Status Points that you have accumulated.

The list below shows the product and its corresponding wallet name:

VIP level Status Points Required
Iron Dragon 0
Bronze Dragon 500
Silver Dragon 1,500
Gold Dragon 4,000
Platinum Dragon 10,000
Emerald Dragon 30,000
Diamond Dragon 70,000
Dafapoker Dragon 200,000

My Gold Coins has already reached the required level for upgrade in the middle of this month but my VIP
hasn't been changed. Why?

Your VIP will be changed according to the Status Points that you have already earned. VIP changes will occur daily

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